so now you know my name, ben wiley.
pronouced just like the cartoon, Wile E. Coyote.
i always thought that could be a good nickname but i was born a couple decades too late.

here ---> is selfie i took in my bathroom. 
i’m slightly older than i look.
most people don’t put their age online but i constantly find myself googling or linkedining to see when someone graduated highschool just to calculate how old they are.

i graduated in 2010. 
which makes me 27. 
i’ll save you the math. 


i was born and raised in portland.
my house had a 90 foot hand-dug well.  
i always wanted to climb down it but i climbed trees instead.
i played soccer competitively (sadly, not professionally) for the majority of my life. now I play in Chinatown on a team called tbd F.C. 
i currently live in Brooklyn.
my wifi is LePetiteChateau.
i don’t speak french but paris is one of my favorite cities.
i’m dating my highschool sweet heart.
we don’t own a dog yet. it’s sad.
but we’re happy.

in my youth, i fabricated and installed granite in houses i’ll never afford.
i wrote for a beauty PR firm in london called Amazing PR. not amazing.
i did 72andSunny’s creative residency program, 72U.
and i have done some pro-bono design work for UNICEF.